Redline by Nebo

Redline, By NeboIf you are a flash light junkie you’ll immediately recognize the Redline by Nebo. It is a compact, but powerful, flashlight that can be used in a variety of situations. It carries a high reputation with many for its super brightness, superb construction and reasonable price.

If you have never heard of the company, Nebo Tools, they are a division of Alliance Sports Group, a family owned company headquartered TX. Nebo Tools offers a variety of outdoor products. They supply a variety of flashlights, from head mount, to bike, to firearm lights, to your regular old flashlight.

Out of all they offer, the “Redline by Nebo” is the most popular. The Redline comes in your standard compact flashpoint model and a similar shape but made for mounting on a bike. Both lights have the 220 lumens total brightness. The light can be ratcheted back to half power and then back even more to ten percent power. The beam can be focused for viewing long distances or be used as a broad beam for a wide panoramic view. The Redline flashlights also come with a strobe option.

The flashlight also has a magnet on one end, allowing you to work in a well lit area with your hands free. You just simply stick on a nearby piece of metal. Turning the light on and off is accomplished by simply pressing the “glow in the dark” button on the end. Accidentally dropping it in water is no problem either since it is water resistant.

The Nebo Redline also a red ring on it which makes it look a little classier and helps to give the Redline flashlight its unique and well known look.

The flashlight is less than 5 inches long and runs on 3 AAA batteries. The manufacturer claims that on half power the flashlight will run for 8 hours continuously.

To summarize, to many the Redline, by Nebo can’t be beat for the price you have to pay. There are some better flashlights on the market, but you’ll pay dearly for them. In contrast, the Redline offers you most of everything you could ever need at a very reasonable price.

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