Nebo Redline Flashlight

Nebo Redline FlashlightThe Nebo Redline is a very well built, very bright but compact flashlight. It is also referred to as a tactical flashlight.

The brightness, measured at 220 lumens at full power, is very bright. It can be focused and used to illuminate up to around 150 yards or it can be put in broad mode that will let you see everything around you for up to around 20 yards.

The Nebo Redline flashlight can also be used at full brightness 220 lumens, 110 lumens (50% output) or 22 lumens (10%). If these brightness levels were continuously used at these brightnesses, your light would last 4, 8 and 15 hours, respectively (as claimed by the manufacturer).

The light also has 2 strobe modes which can be handy in an emergency. The plain strobe light would alert others of whatever it is you want to alert them of, and the SOS mode, which would obviously be used in an emergency situation., would last for 72 hours of continuous operation.

The Redline by Nebo has a magnet on its one end so it can be strategically placed to light the area while you work. It also has an/off button in the handle that you switch on and off with your thumb.

The Redline is only about 4.5 inches long and runs on 3 AAA. It also made of a sturdy anodized aluminum.

Now one thing that needs to be clarified. There are sometimes 2 models listed or sold. They are the Nebo Redline 5557 and the Nebo Redline 5581. Researching these differences has shown that both of these models are exactly the same. They are just, for some reason, packaged differently.

The bottom line is that this Nebo Redline Flashlight is a very useful and popular flashlight. You don’t have to read many reviews before it becomes clear that many also agree with this statement and the reason for this is the price. There are few other, if any, flashlights on the market that have all the features of this Nebo Redline 5557 at the price of around $25. $25 simply cannot buy many flashlights like this. So check it out.

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